We're a fastcore band from Boise, Idaho.

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November 16, 2017:
First things first: the new LP "Forbidden Techniques" will be released December 1, on To Live A Lie Records. More on that soon.

I have not had much time until now to write about our tour. The first thing I should say is that it was an incredible experience, the support we got was mind-blowing and we had fun everywhere we went. One thing that was repeatedly expressed to us as we made our way was that it's apparently not that common for independent bands from the States to visit the vast Canadian prairies as we did. There are certainly very long drives between cities up there, which, coupled with high Canadian gas prices, seems to scare bands off. We had to explain to people that Boise is no fewer than 5 hours' drive from any major city, so long drives did not scare us. Were the drives tedious? Certainly. If you've never been, between Calgary and Winnipeg (a solid 14-16 hours of driving) is mostly flat prairie land. However, southern Idaho's high desert, which we have all driven through more than we care to admit, is not so different from the prairie, so we were ready for it. I'd like to encourage our friends in bands to try it sometime. Folks are thirsty for wild-ass rock 'n' roll up there. (Of course, western Alberta and British Columbia are chock full of amazing mountain scenery, and if you have the chance to travel through that region you should take it.)

We kicked off the tour in Kalispell, Montana, which is another hidden gem, followed by Calgary and Saskatoon. Those 3 shows went down so huge that it set us up for the rest of the tour. Some nights we'd have very small shows. Some nights we'd get to the end of the night, realize we had nowhere to sleep and have to get a hotel room. Our Regina show was canceled (I swear we'll make it up someday!) and the next day while traveling to Edmonton our van's alternator started to go out and we had to replace it. The momentum created by those first 3 shows allowed us to meet those challenges easily. Again, let me stress that we had a great time everywhere we went, no matter how big or small the shows were.

We didn't realize it at the time, but at some point on the tour we played our 200th live show. Turned out it was for 8 kids in a garage in Abbotsford. That seems appropriate for our band. After all this time, we're just as fine with playing for 8 kids in a garage as we are sharing a stage with Napalm Death or Absu.

The next night in Squamish, a complete rager of a house party with some good friends, was the best show of the tour. And that's really saying something. We played the new album in its entirety for the first time that night, and I'd consider it our best performance of the tour. We ended up playing the entire album once more, in Moscow. I really have to hand it to my bandmates, Joe and Cory. We've gotten really tight as a band, and if I'm not playing my best on the drums, they usually have it on lockdown. Thanks, you guys.

Thanks go out to so many people, be it the promoters who hooked up our shows, or people who came out to support, buy merch or just talk to us. But I will single out 3 people in particular: Charlie Ritch for renting his van out to us (aside from the alternator, it was awesome); Chessa Hentrup (Cory's wife) for running merch so I didn't have to worry about it; and our pal Tommy Wilson from Scum Human for screening some t-shirts for us when we ran out mid-tour. To everyone who helped us out, we say thank you, and we hope to return sometime.

As we get closer to the album release, I'll write more about that. Until then, listen to Slight Slappers. -Mike

October 1, 2017:
Hi there. It's kind of crazy that we still have this website that was built in 2007, if I recall correctly. Most people seem to have little use for old-school sites that don't utilize a social media or blog format. I would love to build a new site that reflects the current times a bit more; however, that is probably 80th on the priority list at the moment. So while I'm still technically able to update this site (and Patrick is still willing to host it), I'll be posting longform thoughts about our activities here. For quick updates and photos you can follow our facebook page or track down our individual instagram pages (good luck).

There's certainly a lot to talk about right now. Our new LP is being pressed as I type this. It should be out by the end of this month, just in time for our western Canada tour. The album is called "Forbidden Techniques" and will be released by To Live A Lie Records on vinyl and cassette. If you have seen us play at any point since 2013 you have heard some cuts which will be on the album. I had the title "Forbidden Techniques And Cautionary Tales" probably around 2007. When we started writing the album in 2013 I planned to give it that title. As we finally finished the album this year, we decided to shorten it to "Forbidden Techniques" and use the longer title for one of the songs on the album. The main reason it took us 4 years to write this record is because of the turnover in the band during that time. In 2013 Justin, Patrick and I wrote most of side A before Patrick quit late that year. We replaced Patrick with Joe and, over the next year, got Joe up to speed on the new material and finished writing side A. Then Justin quit in late 2014. After Cory came in and learned the new stuff I wanted to get on the road to see if we could hack it together, so it took us a while to get to a point where we were ready to write again. Eventually we wrote a side B, went into the studio this past spring and produced what I think is our best effort by leaps and bounds. I'm really proud of it, and the best part is I still think there's room to improve and expand. As usual I am already turning my attention to what's next. However, as mentioned we are preparing to support the new record with a Canadian tour during the latter half of this month. Next spring we plan to go back out and cover the eastern part of the continent. Now that we are finally in a position to tour a little more and have a new record in which we believe so strongly, we intend to take full advantage of the opportunity.

When Justin decided to step down, I asked him if he wanted to do one last home recording session. He did and we chose 5 songs. Initially we had earmarked the songs for different comp/split projects, but when none of them materialized I decided to release the 5 songs as a single EP called "Fastcore Forever." It is the only HOD recording made with the lineup of Joe, Justin and myself. 2 of the 5 songs have been re-recorded for the LP, but that leaves 3 that weren't, so you'll want to check this beast out. Right now "Fastcore Forever" is available on CD from Goatmeal Records. We hope to release it on 7" at some point, but as usual money is tight.

That's all for now. It's weird to say after being a band for 12 years, but we're just getting started. Keep that ear to the ground. Listen to Lie Still. -Mike

January 7, 2017:
Happy 2017, friends. It's been a while since we checked in. But now's as good a time as any to mention that the split 5" with Beartrap is FINALLY OUT. As mentioned, 4 labels teamed up to release this thing: Give Praise; Here And Now; Riotous Outburst; To Live A Lie. If you are in Europe I would encourage you to order from Here And Now, as that label is based in Italy and the other labels are U.S.-based. There are two separate collectible covers. We are selling copies through our Bandcamp page, and of course we can still do business directly if you don't feel like giving Bandcamp and Paypal money.

Backstory on the split: the 10 songs that appear on it were recorded way back in January 2012, during the sessions for the split with Cold World. They were intended for a projected 4" split with the late lamented xBrainiax. Even by that point they had pretty much ceased being an active band, but they remained committed to the split until 2014, when they finally gave up the ghost. We weren't about to release 56 seconds of music as a stand-alone record (that's the kind of thing Sidetracked does...love you Jay) so I looked for a replacement band. It wasn't long before I thought of Beartrap. Not only did they agree, but they had recordings ready to go in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, we hadn't quite gotten label support lined up for a record we knew would be expensive to manufacture. Once we finally got the 4 labels on board and started talking financing, they realized how expensive 4" records are to make, and a cheaper 5" record was proposed. I was bummed, but the Golden Rule states, "He who has the gold makes the rules." A combination of the usual delays at each step of releasing a record with the fact that this wasn't exactly a front-burner project resulted in a 5-year process from conception to realization. I'll check on it, but I believe that's a new record for us. Nevertheless the record is out and I'm very thankful to those involved, particularly Josh at Riotous Outburst for dealing with the pressing plant. We can all move on with our lives now.

2016 was a quiet year for us. We logged exactly 11 shows for the year, the Napalm Death gig in Walla Walla and the two Cali shows with Sick/Tired being the only times we escaped Boise. Since then we have been mostly laying in the weeds working on the next LP. We're headed into Osmosis in February to start recording. I still think we're not finished writing, but we have been working diligently. When the LP is eventually released, we plan to tour to the East Coast (finally). We have a list of places that we can't ignore, but once again I encourage you to get in touch with us if you'd like us to play your town.

A while back I mentioned a projected 3-way split 7" with us, Sixbrewbantha and Roskopp. That project has been scrapped, as the bands are no longer on the same page. That's ok, we still love all those dudes. As a result, we still have 3 previously recorded songs without a home. I do have a plan for them, but I'm trying to get label support before making an announcement. Anyway, that's all for right now. Listen to Sewn Shut. -Mike

June 28, 2016:
This past weekend we completed our trip to California. It was pretty good considering how close to a complete disaster it was. Before we could even get halfway to Oakland for the Friday show, we were informed that Grandpa Fest (the Saturday show in LA) had been canceled. Meanwhile, Sick/Tired, who had flown out from Chicago to join us for the two shows, had just landed in SF when they got the news. We were not made privy to the details of exactly what happened to cause the cancellation, and I'm not out to throw anyone under the bus, but the end result was that two bands who had just made an enormous commitment of time and finances to play the event were basically left in the lurch.

In stepped our friend Abe Rangel, who, not for the first time, stepped into a ticklish situation and made sure we had a show to play. Certainly from S/T's perspective, it was always going to be a long shot that they would be able to recoup the cost of airfare. But being secure in knowing we'd be able to play when we got to LA, I think, allowed us all to enjoy the weekend even if it was a whirlwind. And for that we are grateful to Abe once again! Thanks dude.

Feeling a bit better about things, we met up with S/T at the Metro in Oakland and had a fun show with friends new and old. Of special note was the legendary Godstomper, whose live set was almost more performance art than grindcore, but still entertaining and incredible. After staying the night with our man Damian in San Rafael, the 7 of us piled into the van for a long haul to LA. About the only tourist-y things we did for the weekend were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into SF, driving through SF and then over the Bay Bridge towards the I-5, and introducing S/T to In-N-Out Burger for dinner in Santa Clarita. The LA show, which had doubtless taken a hit from Grandpa Fest's cancellation, was nevertheless insane and, at times, bordered on violent. But in a good way.

After dropping S/T off at John from Cave State's house, we headed to Burbank to drop off the trailer we had filled with our musical gear in order to fit S/T into our van. By the time we had done so, and piled all the gear into our van, it was 3:30am. Time to drop Cory off at the airport for his 7am flight home to join his other band, Toy Zoo, for their northwest run with Built To Spill. Joe and I proceeded to a shitty Airbnb apartment that smelled faintly of cat pee, crashed at 4:30, and were on the road home by 8:30. We got home at 1am on Monday. I was at work by 9:30. The lives of touring punk rockers!

In release news, the "Nanodestroyer" compilation is NOW AVAILABLE. 6 great bands, 13 great songs, all in 3 great minutes. Comes on a sweet 5x7" postcard flexi. Insert and download code also included. Next up at long last is the split 5" with Beartrap, due out this summer. And then...something else! We appreciate everyone's support. Listen to Sick/Tired. -Mike

May 8, 2016:
Last weekend we were afforded a rare opportunity to open for grindcore legends Napalm Death in Walla Walla, Washington. It came up about a week in advance, and since we were all planning to drive out from Boise to see the show anyway, we were ready. It was an incredible night. People seemed pretty stoked on our set and we sold quite a bit of merch. I had a brief chat with Barney from ND after the show and he had some kind words for our music. I'm not saying HOD is his new favorite band or anything, just that we had something that he could get into. I say this only to express what a thrill it is when you are able to give just a tiny bit back to someone who has given you so much. On that note, thanks to Kyle for hooking us up with the show. Great to see all our central WA buds too.

On June 24-25 we have 2 shows in California and those are all set up and ready to go. As previously mentioned, Sick/Tired is flying out from Chicago to join us for the shows, and now Godstomper is playing both shows as well. These shows have all the makings, so if you are near Oakland or Los Angeles, come get your ass kicked.

The "Nanodestroyer" comp is in production! The test press was received and approved. It's going to be a one-sided 5x7" flexi postcard. If you're not familiar with the format, it's basically cardstock with a glossy side for grooves. Two big limitations of the format would be low volume and a healthy amount of surface noise. Aside from that, it sounds pretty much like it's supposed to. The comp should be out this summer and will come with a download code. We'll let you know. Until then, listen to Napalm Death. -Mike

April 17, 2016:
Welp. The Absu show was outstanding. Not much more needs to be said. Big thanks to Cantrell for making that and countless other shows happen in Boise over the years. Doing shows of any kind, let alone underground shows where there is precious little money to be made, is a thankless task. Here's us doing some thanking.

We are psyched to announce that we are teaming up with Chicago's Sick/Tired for a pair of California shows in June. The first will be a Bay Area show we are in the process of booking, the second will be an appearance at Grandpa Fest in LA. The Grandpa in question is the grandfather of Bob Kasitz, owner of Deep Six Records. If you are familiar with Bob, you know he's quite literally a grizzled veteran of underground hardcore. We're talking about that dude's grandpa. He's genuinely into this music, is a beloved member of the LA scene, and this fest will be a celebration of his 89th birthday. Couldn't be more honored to play. And this may be the only time we escape Idaho all year, so kindly slide through if you can.

New developments in upcoming releases. We will be appearing on a double 7" comp assembled by Mind Ripper Collective out of the UK. A pretty solid grip of sick bands are participating (Archagathus, Concussive, Forged, Scum Human, Yacoepsae and lots more). We'll be using some of the last recordings we made with Justin on guitar. Meanwhile, we are awaiting test presses for the "Nanodestroyer" comp and the split with Beartrap. Very soon we will get back to writing songs for the upcoming album! Can't wait. Listen to Forged. -Mike

March 5, 2016:
Happy 2016 dudes, even though we're already 2 months deep. We have business to discuss.

I guess the most immediate item on our plate is the clutch collection of local shows we have this spring. For one, we get to play with Absu. Fuck. Who would have thought? Not me. As a legendary self-styled "mythological occult metal" band, Absu's blend of extreme metal stylings and progressive mindset has been an inspiration to me personally. We'll be honored to share the stage with them. I only wish it was all ages. After that, Recessions is coming in from Portland. They used to be in Squalora, whom we played with back in '09 at the dance studio in Garden City. And old friends Magrudergrind will be back in town in May, with Yautja in tow. Beyond that, I can say that we'll be hitting the road sometime this summer, but I can't provide details yet.

Our split with Beartrap is at the plant at long last. Due to budget constraints, it will not be a 4", as planned. It will be a 5". I am disappointed about that, but more importantly I am relieved that these 4-year-old tracks will finally see the light of day. We have 4 labels going in on this, 3 in the US (Give Praise, Riotous Outburst and To Live A Lie) and 1 in Italy (Here And Now). Really big and deep thanks to all of them. Special shoutout to Josh at R.O. for the hassle of coordinating everything. Vinyl turnarounds are insane these days; I hope this record will come out sometime this summer.

Finally, if you've followed us for a while you may have noticed that we tend to take on some rather esoteric projects. To address future projects of that nature, we are starting a new record label, Goatmeal Records. GOAT000 was the digital download codes with which we furnished the HOD/Transient split 3". GOAT001, our very first release, will be a fastcore compilation called "Nanodestroyer." 6 bands, all incidentally from the western part of North America, will contribute to the comp. They are, in alphabetical order: HOD; Permanent Ruin; Rad; Throat Slitter; Violent Opposition; Waste Away. The cover artwork was produced by the incomparable Lucas Korte at Shoggoth Kinetics. This comp will be short, fast and violent. I would ask nothing less from a fastcore comp. We have been raising funds to release it and we're just about to ready to send it to the plant. If you are on facebook, toss a like to the Goatmeal Records page if the spirit moves you. Later on I'll get around to creating a separate web presence.

More as it develops. Listen to Ingrown. -Mike

November 26, 2015:
This is a few weeks overdue, but we in fact survived the west coast tour. Impossible amounts of thanks go out to those who hooked up the shows, came to see us, played the shows with us, put us up for a night and so on. As mentioned below, at 12 days it was our longest tour ever, and it got a little tricky for us to coexist towards the end, but we did it. By our standards the tour was a massive success, especially considering all the things we had to spend money on. First, Joe's van, which we planned to drive on tour, developed a wiring issue at the last minute that messed up the turn signals. So we had to rent a minivan, just as we did the previous two times we embarked on extended trips. Next, we splurged on hotel rooms for 3 nights of the tour. Then we didn't have enough merch for the trip and had to arrange for restocks, for which of course we had to pay. (When in Victoria and in need of t-shirts, look up Screen Test Records for a super-fast turnaround!) Oh and speaking of Victoria, as always there was the cost of driving a large vehicle onto a ferry to get on and off Vancouver Island. The fact that we incurred all of these expenses and still came home roughly $300 in the black just blows my mind. We couldn't believe the support we were getting at almost every show. And so again, to all of you who helped us out, go thank yourselves.

Having said all that, we probably will have to turn our focus away from the west coast in the future. We've never played farther east than Austin, TX, and I hope we can do so in the next year or two. Right now we've got half of an album that's been written for the last two years (since the band was me, Justin and Patrick!) and the next challenge is for us to write a second half and get it done. HOWEVER...if you are throwing a show in your town, no matter where it is, and you want to book us, all you need do is write us at hummerofdoom@hotmail.com. Or tell promoters in your town about us and have them get in touch. If it's at all feasible, we'll try to play for you.

Believe it or not, the Beartrap split is still inching along. Mirco at Here And Now Recs has produced some artwork for it and it's pretty sweet. We've got 4 labels collaborating on this thing and with any luck it will come out in 2016...finally. Unless something else happens with that quickly, this will probably be our last transmission for 2015. However, you can expect an "exciting" announcement at the beginning of 2016 regarding yet another project we've been working on. Until then, listen to Golden Earring. -Mike

October 13, 2015:
Hello there. Haven't felt compelled to update this in a while. Right now I am. Some key venues in Boise have shut down recently, and it's really made things difficult, especially where all-ages shows are concerned. This problem reared its ugly head when The Crux shut down and we had to find a quick replacement venue for our 10th anniversary show this past August. The High Note Cafe stepped up and we had an awesome show in spite of the circumstances. Rad came up from Sacramento for the show and made enough money to cover gas expenses, which was great. Our set brought together all past and present members of HOD, culminating in all 6 of us (Brian-bass, Cory-guitar, Joe-bass, Justin-guitar, Mike-drums, Patrick-bass) playing the final 3 songs together. I have to say it felt incredibly powerful jamming with 5 headstocks at once. I hope everyone watching felt the power, especially with the 3 bass guitars.

This past weekend we executed a quick and dirty pair of Washington state shows, one in Richland and one in Tacoma. The shows went very well. We had never played Richland before even though it's only 4 hours away from Boise. I imagine there will be more central WA shows in the future. Real Art is an awesome new all-ages venue in Tacoma, and if you have the chance to play or attend a show there, I suggest you take it. In a couple of weeks we are taking off on a west coast tour, our first tour since 2010 and the longest we've ever attempted. Wish us luck. Listen to The Drip. -Mike

June 2, 2015:
(a recap of our recent trip to Seven One Grind in Colorado Springs)

Thurs May 28: Joe (the owner of our tour van) had been trying to acquire a new driver's side-view mirror for the van. (Quick back story: while at home, Joe parks his van on the street in front of his house. He lives on a narrow residential street that nevertheless is quite busy, and on no less than 5 occasions the mirror in question has been broken in hit-and-runs by people driving way too fast up the street.) He discovered that a salvage yard in Woods Cross, Utah, had the mirror he needed. All we had to do was drive 300 miles to pick it up on our way to the first show in SLC. This meant that we had to pack the van strategically in order to preserve some of the view through our rear windows. It also meant that, in order to switch lanes to our left, we had to check the rear windows and the blind spot twice beforehand. The drive went well, and we reached the yard just before closing, only to learn that the mirror was still attached to its vehicle, and they had no intention of investing the 5 minutes it would take to remove the mirror and sell it to us until the next day. That wouldn't do, of course, as we would be on our way to Colo Springs. So no mirror. The show was in a tiny basement room, which lent itself to quite the chaotic scene when the kids went off. Lots of fun. Not much in the way of donations, but we did pretty well selling merch. We decided to get a hotel in SLC.
Fri May 29: Continental breakfast is always fun, especially when you discover plastic grocery-sized bags marked 'LAUNDRY' nearby. Joe grabbed one and filled it full of free food, some of which we actually ate later. We searched online for a replacement mirror that would be on our route. This led to calls placed to establishments in Orem and Colo Springs, both of which reported that they had just sold their mirrors. At this point Joe was formulating a conspiracy theory that the dipshit in Woods Cross was buying up all the mirrors in the region just to fuck us over. Anyway, we chose to take I-70 east for the first time instead of I-80, reasoning that it had to be a more enjoyable drive. And it was, at least until we started climbing up to 10,000 feet and driving through rain and snow storms, a scenario which hadn't occurred to us. We got through it, although it made us much later than I would have liked. Hotel Elegante in Colo Springs was offering a sweet deal for attendees of 7-1-Grind, so we had decided to stay there for the 2 days of the fest. Joe and Cory dropped me and Bubba (our pal/roadie) off at the Flux Capacitor while they checked into the hotel. We were sandwiched in between a bunch of doom-type bands, I think in order to provide a switch-up from all the slow jams going on. We played really well and got a great response (due in no small part to the sweet backline of cabinets provided to all the bands). And then we proceeded to sell exactly one CD, and nothing else. Go figure. At least we got paid well (we even got a free joint, which was awarded to Bubba).
Sat May 30: A lot of time spent at the hotel watching James Bond movies, followed by more time spent driving around looking for amusement. Finally we checked into the Zodiac bar, where another round of bands was playing. We saw swell sets from Of Feather And Bone, Call Of The Void and Theories (none of whom I had seen before), and then regrouped back at the Flux for one last round of bands. I have to say that the Flux is an awesome example of a DIY venue. The analog back in Boise would be the Shredder, except the Flux is not a bar and is thus free to have all-ages shows. Props to Colo Springs for making itself heard. It was great to catch up w/ old friends from Weekend Nachos and Capitalist Casualties, plus Ethan from Primitive Man. All 3 bands completely destroyed. I began to wonder if we had been poorly served by having to play for all the doom heads the previous night. We even sold some merch to the CC guys and a couple friends. We actually sold more merch on the night we didn't play than on the night we did. Don't mistake that for sour grapes, though. We still had an awesome time and are very thankful to the Ostrow brothers and everyone else who helped put the fest together.
Sun May 31: Before leaving the Springs we stopped at El Super Taco. Inside they had a vending machine containing stickers that parodied many popular brand logos. One such sticker parodied the Starter logo by instead reading 'FARTER.' We thought this would be great for Cory, given his prodigious farting abilities. So we resolved to feed quarters into the machine until we got the sticker we wanted. All it took was one. First try, 'FARTER' sticker. It was gonna be a good day. At one point during the short drive to Denver we ran into a swarm of bees. Several of them smashed into the windshield, and a few even got into the van through the opened front passenger-side window. No humans were hurt, but were somewhat disturbed to look down at the cooler between the two front seats and discover a bee ass on the lid. Sick! Moments later I, sitting back passenger-side, discovered what was left of two more bees dazed and crawling around in front of me. We put them in a garbage bag. The show was in a garage set back behind a house. It started at 10pm, which is later than most bar shows I've played in my life. Great show though. Good to play w/ Connoisseur after just missing them 2 different times. We stayed w/ Cory's friends Cole and Miyoko. Thanks dudes!
Mon June 1: 14 hour drive back to Boise. That included probably an hour inexplicably spent in Rock Springs, Wyoming. First we needed to gas up. Then we needed to get some oil for the van. Then the guys needed to get food. I'm still not sure why it took three stops to accomplish these goals, but it did. Anyway, when all was said and done we came out more or less even, despite the hotel expense. This is a band, not a business, but it's great when you don't lose money on a trip. We survived Cory's first trip with us, and are grateful to everyone who helped us out. As of this writing, Joe is still awaiting a replacement mirror! Listen to Primitive Man. -Mike

February 28, 2015:
Check it. Our split 7" with Raid is out NOW. We don't have copies of it yet, but you can order from Give Praise Records right here. Our 5 songs are from the same 2013 session that produced our track from the Transient split. Justin, Patrick and I are on the recording. We're very excited to be on a record with Raid. Of course, Jon and Paul were both in Septic Death many years ago, and ever since Raid popped up around 2010, I've been inspired by the example of intensity set by folks in their 40s and even 50s. Age is only a number. In fact, true story: I literally wrote the song "Goodbye Cool World" on my way home from seeing Raid for the first time. Anyway, I'll have the discog page and bandcamp page updated with the new tunes soon.

Last night we had our first show with Cory on guitar and had a great time. It was good to get our feet wet in a kinda "low-pressure" situation. House show, 8 songs, kids that are programmed to get rowdy no matter who's playing. Our next gig is at Treefort and we should have more than 10 minutes of repertoire by then.

Finally, we had such a good time in Colorado Springs last October that we're coming back May 29 to play a fest called Seven-One-Grind. It's a two-day jam and we play the first day. I hope to be able to see our friends Capitalist Casualties and Weekend Nachos on the second day. We're looking to book a couple other gigs on our way there, so stay tuned. Listen to Funerot. -Mike

February 6, 2015:
Happy 2015. We have a few different announcements. I'd guess the most important one is this: our split with Transient has FINALLY ARRIVED. It is a 3" green vinyl. That's right, 3 inches in diameter. And green. Each band delivers a 30-second blast of grind. And of course, since many people have not the capacity to play such a small record, each copy comes with a download code. Many thanks to Mullet Death Records for making this release exist in the physical realm. Obviously you can order from Mullet Death, or hit up either band.

This next announcement is probably pretty important too. We have a new guitar player, Cory. Boiseans may know him from his work playing bass in Toy Zoo, or playing guitar in Pork Chopper. He's been playing with us since December and learning the ropes really well. This development begs the question of what happened to Justin. Simply put, Justin is not currently playing with us. I could write a huge long-winded screed explaining Justin's motivations, but the simple truth is that he needed to step away and do other things with his time that don't involve being in a band. Let me stress that there is zero bad blood here, and he hasn't ruled out returning to the band at some point. I'm sad that he's not with us, and I'm grateful to him for the 9 years we played together. I never wanted to be the last original member of a band. But there is still much left to do, and too much for me to say that needs to be said through HOD. So we are pressing forward with Cory on guitar, Joe on bass and myself on drums. Cory is very enthusiastic about the band and working hard to learn our new material. We are building up our live repertoire and getting ready to play out again. Which brings me to the next announcement....

We are pleased to once again appear at Treefort Music Festival during the last weekend of March. We played Treefort in 2013 and had a great time. Specific details regarding the date, time and location of our set will be revealed in time. As a matter of fact, the first time we played Treefort, we came away with the artwork we ended up using for the new Transient split, provided by a student of Boise Rock School for the goodie bag we received at the fest. I hope we get something similar this year!

On to upcoming release news. At long last we have received and approved the test press for our split with Raid. The plant was majorly backlogged with orders, and it wouldn't surprise me if it took another long while before the pressing actually takes place. But we're finally at that point in the process. We recorded our material for the split 2 years ago this month. Par for the course. Meanwhile, the Beartrap split is proceeding at the usual glacial pace. The material we recently recorded for the Sixbrew/Roskopp split still needs to be mixed.

There are other things in the pipeline, but I'll save those for later. HOD is not going anywhere, and only intends to become faster and crazier in our 10th year as a band. I hope you'll join us. Listen to Heresy. -Mike

December 10, 2014:
Hello fast friends. We recently completed a recording session. 5 songs of raw brutality. 2 of the songs will go on the Sixbrew/Roskopp split, 1 will go on a comp, and the other 2 we'll tuck away for a rainy day. And that's probably it for 2014. See you next year. Listen to Throat Slitter. -Mike

October 12, 2014:
Our Colo/Utah trip was fucking killer. Feeling the love from folks at the shows made us feel like we need to get out more. Big thanks to Bryan, Tony and Joe for hooking up the shows. Big thanks to you if you were there. The only thing that sucked about the trip was that we couldn't get a Laramie show together. We know there are people who wanna see us there. We'll make it happen eventually. Fortunately Colorado Springs stepped up and provided us with an awesome house show in a pinch.

The "Full Spectrum Dominance" tape is sold out. I hope one day to get those songs remastered for a vinyl release, or at least a digital one. Right now we have bigger fish to fry. You can get it for free off the internet anyway. We have received and approved the test press for the Transient split. Still waiting for same for the Raid split. Listen to Violent Opposition. -Mike

August 9, 2014:
Hello. It's been a busy summer of local shows for us, and that's been fun. We have one more show this summer, with the mighty IRON LUNG, on August 31. After that we have a small road trip October 2-4. We'll hit Laramie and Denver, then LUCIFEST in Ogden on the way home. We have not played in Wyoming or Utah before, so that'll be dope. We have played Denver a few times and they've been great to us, so we'll be happy to return!

Upcoming release news. The 3-way split w/ Sixbrewbantha and Roskopp has been pushed back to probably next year. We have a couple songs written for it, and we'll probably bust out the ol' Tascam and lay them down this fall. Here And Now Records out of Italy is committed to the split w/ Beartrap. I think we have a US label lined up for it also. The splits w/ Raid and Transient are at the plant. We are awaiting test presses for both. And as always new ideas for future releases are germinating.

Finally, if you haven't heard, we finally got a bandcamp page. Currently we have the "Archaic Technologies 2" single and our half of the Cold World split up. As time and motivation allows, we'll get some of our older releases on there as well. That's all for now. Listen to Iron Lung. -Mike

June 29, 2014:
First we will start with the end of the story: our floppy disk single "Archaic Technologies 2" is now available for free on our brand spanking new bandcamp page.

Now for some background: around 2007-08 I got my hands on a bunch of 5-1/4" floppy disks. I thought, "I know bands have released music on 3-1/2" floppies, but has anyone ever done 5-1/4"??" We saw an opportunity to do something that had maybe never been done before! We wrote a song called "Archaic Technologies" with the intention of using it to fulfill this exciting flight of fantasy. The only problem was that we weren't sure how to make this happen. We didn't have access to the necessary equipment. Eventually we put "A.T." on the Dead Stare split, and later on the "Show Us" LP. But we didn't give up. In 2010 we were determined to make this happen, and we wrote a sequel to "A.T." This would be "Archaic Technologies 2." And finally, our friend and computer whiz Joe Shumway came up with the answer. He obtained a 5-1/4" floppy drive and installed it into a late-90s-era computer that ran Windows 98. We now had the ability to reformat and put mp3s onto our disks in a fairly short amount of time. After a few evening sessions in the summer of 2011, Joe and I went through 100 disks that still worked, and there was our "pressing."

I kinda hoped the novelty of the release would inspire people to buy a copy and help support the band. We promised from the day it was announced that the song would be posted online for free once all 100 disks were gone. But it turns out that people don't want to buy music on formats they can't use. Fancy that. So we've been giving them away to people who bought other merch from us. They are finally gone now, and the song is now up on bandcamp as promised. Enjoy. Look for some of our other releases to show up there in the future. Listen to Absu. -Mike

April 16, 2014:
This past weekend Tacoma, Washington hosted a 3-day event called "Bleak Outlook Volume 2." Essentially several touring bands wished to book Tacoma, independently of each other, during said 3-day span. The decision was made to coordinate and unite all the bands under one banner. (The implication of "Volume 2," of course, is that this happened once before, in 2013.) 28 bands spread out over 8 separate shows, to be precise. We were not one of those bands on tour, but for some reason our pal Brian from Sidetracked asked us to come out from Boise and play. So we did! Financially, it was an incredibly ill-advised decision, and we'll have to think long and hard about driving so far to play one show in the future. But the intangibles of the event help me get over that. The show was great, we played pretty well (in spite of it being just our 2nd show w/ Joe on bass and all new, very frantic and complex material, there was only one real train-wreck moment that I recall), we got to play for a different crowd for once, we got a lot of love from folks we hadn't met before, we kicked it with some old friends, and it was great to see a music scene come together. All in all, a pretty nice little Saturday.

On to upcoming releases. You may remember the aborted plan for a split 4" with xBrainiax. Happily, Massachusetts ragers Beartrap have agreed to take xBx's place on the split, and have already recorded for it! We might have a label lined up for it, but just in case, if you are a badass label and want to help us put it out, drop a line to hummerofdoom@hotmail.com. Meanwhile, the splits with Raid and Transient are in the hands of their respective labels.

And since this is already floating around on the internet, we might as well announce it. One project we are ready to start on is a 3-way split 7" for Mannequin Rein Records. BC blasters Sixbrewbantha, Denver grinders Roskopp, and lil' old H-Bird are the bands. As work continues on our next album we'll bash out a couple extra jams and record them this spring. OK that's it for now! Listen to Thin Lizzy. -Mike

February 8, 2014:
Just a quick note. The "To Live A Lie Volume 2" compilation 12" is officially out. It includes an unreleased song from yours truly, "Outlast You" (recorded during the session for the CW split). That song was recorded 2 years ago specifically for this comp, which should give you an idea how long it takes to put a comp together (at least, the right way). Will at TLAL has done a great job, per usual. Sick tracks from 29 bands, including Low Threat Profile, Beartrap, Bridge, Sick/Tired, Vaccine, Sidetracked, Weekend Nachos, To The Point and many others.

We do NOT have copies of this comp for sale, but some of the other bands do, so I would check with them. Otherwise it should be available directly from TLAL soon. You CAN always check out the Shit-Hot Deals listed above and help us out that way! Thanks. Listen to Lack Of Interest. -Mike

January 1, 2014:
Happy new year, fast friends. It's been a little bit. Firstly I want to mention that we have a new bassist for 2014. He's my brother, Joe. Boise heads may remember that he and I were in our first band together, AOC, many years ago. We also do our side project band, We Ride North, on occasion. You may also have seen Joe playing with our former bassist Patrick in P9R and Jump Jets. Anyway he's been with us since November learning tunes for the next LP. So far he's got a real good grasp of the odd time signatures and changes we tend to use. However, as tends to be the case, our progress is very slow. You can't rush greatness.

So what happened to Patrick? Nothing bad, mind you. There was no drama behind his departure. Mainly, he's enrolling in school and wants to focus solely on his academics. He is still our buddy and he continues to host this website, because he's nice. Thank you Patrick for holding down the bass spot for 3 years, as well as saving our asses on our first tour by filling in for Brian in 2008.

We are still trying to wrap up some of the recordings we did with Patrick. Among those was a projected 4" vinyl split with xBrainiax, which failed to materialize when it became apparent that the long-defunct xBx would not be able to deliver their half of the record. We don't yet have a plan for the material we wrote, but we will in time.

We did finish all the art and layout for the Transient split 3" and are submitting it presently. Mullet Death Records, out of California, is graciously releasing the record. Yes, it will come with a download code. After that it's on to the split 7" with Raid, and then we have a very special EP planned that hopefully will come out this year. More details to come.

2013 was a slow year by HOD standards. We played only 10 shows, including exactly one 'tour' date (Portland). We did get the Cold World split out at least. Here's to a much more active 2014. Thanks for your support over 8+ years now. Listen to Roskopp. -Mike