-Mike wrote two fastcore songs (which became "Where's The Fun?" and "It's All You"). Excited, he showed Justin the songs. Both agreed that the songs were cool, and promptly pursued other musical endeavors.

-Mike grew anxious to start a fastcore project and asked Justin if he was interested. Justin agreed, and Mike, christening the project Hummingbird Of Death, finished the first two songs and wrote another eight.
AUGUST/SEPTEMBER -We recorded the first 10 originals as a demo. Justin played the guitar and bass parts.
OCTOBER -We had posted a few mp3s online, and the initial response encouraged us to become a real band and find a bass player. Our buddy Brian volunteered immediately.
-We recorded our first song with Brian, "Works Both Ways." We contributed the song to a 1332 Records compilation called "Twice The Evil."
-Our demo was released on a first run of 30 tapes (to be followed by runs of 75 tapes and 11 CDRs). Sound Pollution and 625 Thrash received copies and expressed interest in releasing our material.
DECEMBER -Our first show took place at Mike's house. People seemed to like it.

-Our second show was a 5-minute performance in the Co-Op store parking lot after the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day. Still one of our best shows.
-Ken at Sound Pollution offered us a split LP with Michigan's I Accuse! We accepted while concurrently asking Max at 625 if he wanted to release a 7" for us. He agreed, beginning a horrifically arduous process, marked by delays at every step, which would culminate 1 1/2 years later in the release of said 7".
FEBRUARY -We entered Osmosis Studio to begin the tough task of recording 40 songs.
MARCH -"Twice The Evil" was released by 1332 Records.
APRIL -We played a show with SMD, the first touring band to share a bill with us.
MAY -The recording of our 40 songs was finally finished. 15 of the songs were chosen for the IA split.
JULY -We played shows with Hostile Takeover and This Is My Fist!
NOVEMBER -Our split LP with I Accuse! was released by Sound Pollution Records.

-We finished recording at Mike's house for the "Goatmeal" 5" and a split 10" w/ Chainsaw To The Face.
-We played shows with Die Young and Gaza.
MARCH -We played a show with Sidetracked.
APRIL -We played a show with Catheter.
-"Flesheaters," a 1332 Records compilation including one HOD song from the Osmosis sessions, was released.
JUNE -We played a show with In Disgust.
JULY -We played shows with Ramming Speed, Dry-Rot and Weekend Nachos.
AUGUST -Our split with Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera, consisting of 7 songs from the Osmosis sessions, was self-released on cassette and 3" CD.
-We played our first shows outside Boise. P9R came with us to the Seattle area for 2 shows. P9R's van broke down outside La Grande, Oregon on the way there. Dead Stare and Sidetracked played the first show, and Valley Of The Dinosaurs played both, and then broke up. We made $35 on the trip, all of which went toward fixing P9R's van. The day we were supposed to return to Boise, we had a show with Bloody Phoenix, but the van broke down again in Yakima and we were stuck and unable to play.
-Our first 7", "Diagnosis: Delicious", consisting of the rest of the songs from the Osmosis sessions, was finally released by 625, Fatalist and Give Praise Records.
SEPTEMBER -We recorded 3 originals and a Screeching Weasel cover at Mike's house. The originals were recorded for a compilation 7" that never materialized.
OCTOBER -We played shows with Wolves In The Throne Room, Wojczech and Catheter.

-We recorded 6 songs at Mike's house. 5 were slated for release on a split 7" with Dead Stare and the other ("Telecom Amnesty") was to be submitted for a compilation on Sick Thought Records. However one of the DS songs turned out crappy so we threw it away and replaced it with the song that was meant for the comp. We submitted one of the songs from the previous September ("Swallowed") for the comp instead.
APRIL -Our "Goatmeal" 5" EP was released by Cowabunga Records.
MAY -Our split 10" with Chainsaw To The Face was released by Cowabunga Records.
-We completed our first tour, which began in Seattle and wound down the west coast to LA before ending in Phoenix. Dead Stare accompanied us for the first 4 shows, Over Vert for the first 3. Brian couldn't make the trip, so 3 days before the tour we enlisted Pat Misner (P9R, Jump Jets) to fill in for him. We had one practice and then took our 13-song set on the road the next day. All things considered, the tour was a huge success. We played great shows with Sidetracked, Funerot, Superbad, Skull Collector, Final Draft, SMD, Voetsek, and many others. Despite $4 gas prices, we came home with about $900, just enough to pay off the rental van.
-The day after returning home we played a show with Ceremony. This was our last show with Pat.
JUNE -We played a show with Skull Collector. Brian's first show back.
JULY -We played shows with SFN, Whalelimb, Weekend Nachos and Signs Of Hope.
SEPTEMBER -We played at Gagtard Fest, a benefit for local promoter Justin Cantrell, who was sentenced to jail time and fines for hosting shows at his house, the Myrtle Morgue. The fest was organized by Mike and Bryce Kresge (Murder And The Media Machine, Bone Dance), with the help of a lot of great people. 11 of Boise's finest underground bands played in about 5 hours' time. There were unconfirmed reports that about 200 people attended, and we met our goal of raising $500 for Justin. Best of all, it was a house show!
-We played a show with Sojourner and Sidetracked.
OCTOBER -We played a show with Ramming Speed.
NOVEMBER -We played a show with Take Control.

-We recorded our first LP with our friend Brent Kelley.
MARCH -A discography tape containing all HOD recordings prior to the LP and titled "Full Spectrum Dominance 2005-2008," was self-released, so we could have something to sell on our upcoming road trips.
-We underwent three consecutive weekends of road trips. The first was to Denver, where we played two shows, including Doomed 2 Grind Fest. Among the bands we played with were Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, 50/50, Catheter and Capitalist Casualties. The following weekend we were off to Berkeley, California to play UGZ Speed Trials at 924 Gilman, alongside such greats as Sidetracked, SFN, Final Draft, Population Reduction and In Disgust. The weekend after that, we came right back to the Bay Area for a show at Burnt Ramen, with Morpheme, Population Reduction, Voetsek and Toxic Holocaust. A day later we recorded 5 songs with Craig Billmeier at Dutch Oven Studios in Alameda. (The songs were released as a split with Sidetracked.) By the time we got home we were up over $300 for the month. Not too shabby!
MAY -We played shows with Transient, Coliseum and Toxic Holocaust.
JUNE -We played shows with Unholy Grave, Magrudergrind and The Runnamucks.
-Our split 7" with Dead Stare was released by Unholy Thrash Records.
JULY -Our first LP, "Show Us The Meaning Of Haste," was released on vinyl and CD by Cowabunga and To Live A Lie Records.
-We played shows with xBrainiax and Coke Bust.
AUGUST -We played shows with Superbad, Book Of Black Earth and Hour Of The Wolf.
-We recorded 10 songs for a compilation titled "This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2." Nathan Barnes at Osmosis helped us edit the songs together into an airtight package of brutality.
SEPTEMBER -We played a benefit show for our friend Zac Gilstrap, who was struck by a rare malignant form of multiple sclerosis called Marburg-variant MS (of which there is only one recorded survivor), leaving him at death's door without almost no voluntary functions. Our friends Todd DeBoer and Lindsey Newgard did an amazing job organizing the show and accompanying raffles and auctions. This resulted in almost $9000 being raised for Zac. At present Zac has made miraculous improvements and is able to use his hands and recognize family and friends.
OCTOBER -We played a show in Boise with Cannabis Corpse and Ramming Speed, and a show in Portland with Transient.
DECEMBER -We had a mini-tour lined up around Houston Noisefest, but had to cancel due to family/job emergencies. Shitty.

-We played a show with Goatwhore.
MARCH -The "Brutality In Seconds" compilation, featuring one of our songs, was finally released on Sick Thought Records.
-We played a show with Death Of Self, The Communion and Transient. Lee from The Communion died a few weeks later. Rest in peace buddy.
APRIL -We took a Saturday road trip to Moscow. We played an awesome birthday party and then did an interview on KUOI. Then we stayed at the birthday girl Erin's house and literally did not sleep that night.
-Our split 6" with Sidetracked was released on Cowabunga Records.
MAY -We played a show with Gride and PLF just before leaving for tour.
-We embarked on a tour of the southwest US. Once again Brian had to cancel on us. Fortunately, our friend Mirce Popovic was available to fill in on bass, and away we went. I must thank Sara Henson for coming through in a pinch and lending us the money to rent a van. The tour was a big success. We got to play with bands like No Thought, Laughing Dog, Sex Prisoner, Magnum Force, Titanarum, Arctic Choke, In Desperation and Summit. We came home with the money to pay off the van plus $80 on top of that. My notes on the tour are below.
JUNE -We played shows with Elitist (with Brian back on bass), Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and KEN Mode.
-We had an interview published in issue 23 of "Short, Fast & Loud" zine.
-"This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2," featuring 10 songs from us, was released on CD by Relapse Records.
JUNE/JULY -We recorded for an upcoming single and a split with Titanarum.
JULY -We played a show with The Helm and Owen Hart.
OCTOBER -We played a show with Ramming Speed. This was Brian's final show with the band. With the demands of his job and a baby on the way, he knew he was destined to forever thwart our touring plans, and so he stepped down. All told, he played 75 shows with us and played on 10 records.
NOVEMBER -We played a show with Streetwalker. This was Patrick's first show back, this time as Brian's permanent replacement.
-Brian's daughter Abriana was born on November 5. Hooray!

-We started the year off right with another bash at the Co-Op. I believe it was 12 degrees outside.
FEBRUARY -We played a monster house show with these bands: Downsided, CTTTOAFF, Transient, Elitist, Gaza. As you can imagine, it was fairly wild. As house shows go, it was very successful, as all out-of-town acts were paid at least $100.
MARCH -We took a trip to Portland for a Saturday night basement show, set up by the Lunge boys. Met the very nice and very brutal Victoria band Six Brew Bantha. Probably one of our better performances in recent times. The sound guy informed us that he recorded it and would send it to us, but he never did, jerk.
-We played shows with Wormrot and Owen Hart (who have since changed their name to Earth Control).
APRIL -We entered the brand new Osmosis Studio and recorded for a new LP and split with Downsided.
MAY -We played shows with Beartrap, Caulfield, Weekend Nachos and The Afternoon Gentlemen. Our friend Alex brought pizza for the WN dudes during their set. It was hilarious watching them try to eat slices of pizza and play simultaneously.
JULY -We released a single, entitled "Archaic Technologies 2," on 5 1/4" floppy disk. To our knowledge, no one else has ever released music on this format.
AUGUST -We traveled to Olympia, Washington, to play New Direction Fest. It was a great time and a very positive atmosphere. I understand the organizers lost a lot of money, but were happy with the results and determined to learn valuable lessons for next time. Jello Biafra tracked us down in the parking lot after the show to tell us how much he liked our set. That was the last thing I expected. He's a nice guy. Watch out for the band Hysterics, those ladies ripped it hard.
-One of our songs appeared on the "Thirteen Vol. 2: Twenty-Six" compilation. The comp consists of almost all 26-second songs. Odds are good that you never heard about it.
OCTOBER -We played shows with Death Crisis and our good buddies Sidetracked.
NOVEMBER -Our split LP with Titanarum was released on Give Praise Records.

-Back to the studio, aka Mike's garage. We recorded for upcoming splits with Cold World and xBrainiax. One tune was submitted for a To Live A Lie Records compilation.
APRIL -Mike put together a 30th birthday party at The Venue. 10 bands played, including our Tacoma buddies Sidetracked and Criminal Code. Probably the smoothest 10-band show ever. Bands were all on top of their game, with minimal fucking around and maximum rocking out. The out-of-town bands were paid decently. Outstanding show.
MAY -We played a killer show with Mass Grave.
JUNE -We played a show with five touring bands: Lee Corey Oswald, Roskopp, Sourpatch, Six Brew Bantha and Sorrower. Nobody came. It was stupid.
AUGUST -We played shows with Wake, Gaza and Rape Revenge.
SEPTEMBER -We played our first shows outside the US. British Columbia, to be precise. Our friends Sidetracked met us for a show in Seattle, and then accompanied us for shows in Victoria, Squamish and Vancouver respectively. Great shows, great ferry rides. Actually the ferries pretty much killed most of the dough we made, but fuck it. It was worth it! Along the way we played with such dope bands as Six Brew Bantha, Detroit, Permanent Ruin, Obacha, Skuff and more. Actually the most interesting part of the trip was crossing the border back into the US. But you're gonna have to hear that story from us in person.
-We played a show with Hysterics.
NOVEMBER -Our 2nd LP, "Skullvalanche," was released on the almighty Deep Six Records.
DECEMBER -Our split tape with Downsided was released. Two separate runs were pressed. One by the two bands, one by Kill Your Heroes Records.
-We played a show to celebrate the release of "Skullvalanche." We timed it to coincide with Chetwrecker passing through on their tour. As it turned out, another touring band, Same Difference, needed a show that night, so they jumped on and it worked out great.

-We played a benefit show for our friend Bug, who had injured his back and didn't have insurance. One of the few exceptions we made to our policy of no 21+ shows. We played pretty well and I think a different crowd of people was exposed to our music.
-We went into Osmosis once again to record 10 songs. The recording was one of our best to date. The songs should be released in 2014 sometime.
MARCH -We played at Treefort Music Festival in our hometown of Boise. For those unfamiliar, it's a multi-day/multi-stage kind of event like SXSW. And it's not the kind of event we'd expect to ever play. But credit to them for reaching out to the underground punk scene and getting some bands we are friends with, such as 1d, Raid and Blackcloud, into the mix. We had a great time there.
MAY -We logged our only tour date of the year, mobbing up to Portland to play Slabtown. Actually, the van we borrowed literally ran out of gas as we were cruising through downtown on our way to the gig. But we rectified that situation and had a great show. The Drip came out from Richland, and Pleasure Cross and Transient provided local support. All in all, a pretty killer lineup.
JUNE -We rolled up to Idaho City to play Idaho City Ride/Skate. A bunch of folks rode a motorcycle caravan up to the Idaho City skate park, where kids skated and bands played under a tent. Outdoor shows tend to be dicey because, unless one is working with a professional sound system (rarely the case), one tends not to hear the music he or she is playing very well, and plays harder to compensate, and thus gets worn out quickly. This time around we played pretty well. Matt from Raid and Rebecca from Little Miss did a great job organizing the event.
JULY -We played shows with Self Inflicted and ACxDC. Dislich came down from Moscow for the ACxDC show and they were very impressive. That was easily one of the best Boise shows we've done.
AUGUST -Our split LP with Cold World was released on Deep Six Records.
SEPTEMBER -We played a garage show birthday party for Gabe from 1d. A week after that, Patrick informed us that he was quitting the band to focus on school. All told, Patrick played 51 shows with us (11 filling in on tour in '08, plus 40 more as our full-time bassist). He played on the "Skullvalanche" album and another full-length's worth of material. Thanks Patso.
NOVEMBER -We started working with Joe as our new bassist.


Denver May 22: Drove through a snowstorm in Wyoming. (We found out later that it snowed in Boise too, WTF?) Got to Denver and it was 90 degrees. No Thought was fun to watch. Incredibly fast drummer. We stayed at quite a shithole house, but we were glad to sleep under a roof.
Albuquerque May 23: This was the first of two 21+ shows on tour, shows where we weren't sure if our 19-year-old bassist would be allowed to play. We arrived a few hours early and walked around downtown. It was eerily deserted. The time came to load in and I scoped the layout of the place. Bar area in front, show area in back, both areas separated by a wall. It was easy for Mirce to load in some gear and just stay in the back area for the night without anyone bugging him. We were pleased to learn that Laughing Dog was playing the show with us. They killed it dead, even better than the other times we played with them. One of them, Chris, took our pictures after the show. I hope those show up online. Nowhere to stay after the show, so we struck out for Austin. We stopped at a closed truck stop in the middle of nowhere around 2am. I slept in the driver's seat while the others set up sleeping bags on a patch of grass. We got back on the freeway around 4:45.
Austin May 24: We arrived in Austin after experiencing the majesty and endless expanse of Texas windfarms. Austin seems unused to 7pm shows. The people who ran the business in the Broken Neck warehouse during the day wanted the show finished by 10, due to the weeknight. Apparently this was the reason for the relatively light attendance. Oh well. It was very hot and humid, which didn't bother me until it became very dark in the warehouse due to broken lights. I don't know about the others, but the combo of darkness and humidity made me crazy. Trek from Sick Thought Recs, who set up the show, put us up in his small apartment which was covered floor-to-ceiling in punk flyers and memorabilia. We watched the movie "Thrashin'," which for some reason was entertaining.
San Antonio May 25: We spent most of the day with Trek, who generously bought us food, let us hang at his house and took us to a record store. We had a short drive to San Antonio so we didn't even leave until 6:30, so as to avoid rush hour traffic. This may have been a mistake. Shortly before we left Boise we learned that this show had to be moved from a space that was shut down. The new address was given to us as we headed to Denver, and we were unable to get to a computer and find directions to the place. So we relied on John, the promoter, to give us directions over the phone and tell us where to go. Naturally we got lost and Justin and I went at each other's throats a bit. Finally John met up with us at a gas station and we followed him to our destination, the A&A Drive-In. He and his girlfriend prepared some awesome enchiliadas and rice for us before the show. We were told to expect cheapskatery from the S.A. crowd. That was not our experience. The show was well attended, all the bands were talented, we sold plenty of merch and got a lot of door money for the gas tank. Also this was the first show where people moshed to our music! By 2am we were loaded out and ready for the grueling drive to Tempe.
Tempe May 26: Some 14 hours later we arrived in Tempe. No more humidity, just blazing heat. We stumbled on a record store and found some good shit in there. Then it was time for our first visit to In-N-Out. Delicious! The show was full of intense kids moshing their brains out! We are always pleased and surprised when kids go ballistic to our music.
San Diego May 27: We came to San Diego for the honor of performing at Titanarum's final show. Sadly, this town has very few options for DIY shows, especially on weeknights. This meant playing a free bar show, the other 21+ show on tour. We were told to expect that Mirce would not be let in. Fortunately the bar allowed him to come in when it was time to play. I'd like to publicly state on behalf of the band that, even though this was by far the lowest-paying show on our trip, we could have cared less because playing with Titanarum made it worth it. They were fucking awesome, and watching Alan behind the kit made me wanna get back to my garage and practice. Also we hit up our second In-N-Out before the show.
Los Angeles May 28: The short distance from SD to LA meant lots of time to kill. We drove around Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip. It was kinda fun. This was probably the best show of tour. We were treated kinda like rock stars, which we couldn't take seriously but we were flattered. We were the "headliners" on a 7-band lineup. We weren't sure how that would pan out but the kids showed us a lot of love and went bonkers. They asked for an "encore" but unfortunately we had played every song that we had taught to Mirce. We followed Ryan from Arctic Choke out to Thousand Oaks and stayed at his house.
Nevada City May 29: Getting from Thousand Oaks back to the I-5 proved to be a pain but we made it. Nevada City is kinda off the beaten path for touring bands. A bizarre little town in the mountains north of Sacramento. Lots of narrow roadways winding uphill and downhill, fun! A little bit more upscale than we're used to. We played a VFW hall. The lineup and crowd looked like we had been stuck on a hardcore bill at The Venue back home in Boise. We made it fun though and Brad the promoter did his best for us. The last band, Summit, rocked it hard and were really talented. Unfortunately it was after 10 when they played and the cops busted the show during their set. Lame.
Reno May 30: Only 85 miles from Nevada City to Reno. We had a pleasant drive through the mountains back to the I-80. Once in Reno we mini-golfed, ate at In-N-Out for the third time, cruised through some lame mall and chilled at a park. What better way to end the tour than with a basement show?? Great times. After the show we hit In-N-Out one last time to score some cheeseburgers to take home to our friends, and then drove overnight back to Boise.